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Prajatantra Prachar Samity, is a house hold name in every nook and corner of the state of orissa today. The Prajatantra, the daily newspaper, is the symbol of struggle against feudalism,orthodoxy and dogmatism .It was converted into a daily newspaper in 1930 . Although its publication was suspended in 1932 following coercive action by the British rulers at the time of sait Movement ,it reappeared with renewed vigour , carrying the glorious legacy of the Indian National Movement on the eve of India's historic Independence on August 8,1947 as the brain child of Utkal Keshari Dr.Harekrushna Mahtab . The Prajatantra is now in its 75th year of publication.This glory heritage has not been built with The Prajatantra alone.The sister publications have also contributed to enrich this tradition. They are (1)The JHANKAR, a monthly literary journal with an in built tradition upon modern mind, (2) The MEENABAZAR, a children's literary monthly, liked and preserved by the young and old alike. (3) The SAPTAHIKI, the largest circulated Oriya news weekly, (4) The PRATIVA, an Oriya digest for the whole family and (5) The EASTERN TIMES, a premier English news weekly. The Prajatantra is a widely circulated Oriya daily with a circulation of above one-lakh copies per day , according the latest circulation figure, certified by Audit Bureau of Circulation. The circulation of The Saptahiki is 1,05,000 copies per week .

The Jhankar has established itself as a modern Lliterary tradition, which provides the best in all spheres of art, culture and literature since decades. Grown with the growth of the nation, The Prajatantra has been in the forefont of all the movements that have encompassed the society. It is not just a reflection of the society but many a time has taken the lead to correct the evils,be it during amalgamation of princely states, construction of the state's New Capital at Bhubaneswar, SRC movement, 1964 students agitation, Emergency, Kalahandi, Mandal Movement and now with the resurrection of industrial revolution. At Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab founded The Prajatantra Prachar Samity on July 4, 1947. The Prajatantra was brought out as a daily newspaper on August 8, 1947 from the Dasharathi Press in Cuttack. It has not looked back since then.The Prajatantra Prachar Samity has been playing a dynamic role in spreading our culture and literature and has been giving greater dimensions to the Oriya journalism for last 60 years. The Prajatantra has set a new trend in our state by inspiring, encouraging and promoting the promising writers. It's Sections like Meenabazar, Rupa Rasa Chhanda and Sunday literary page, were first published in the Prajatantra. New young and enthusiastic writers were encourage to write in these sections. Today, new sections been added to it. Otherthen special issues, a page is now devoted to marketing and financial news catering to the need of upmoving middleclass of the society. Sports activities has become one of the foremost topic of discussion today in the society, especially among the youths. Uptodate sports activities are reported. Local, national and international events are given due weightage. On the spot reporting and investigative reporting is one of the main nitche of The Prajatantra. It has therefore created a dedicated readership for last six decades. Dr. Mahtab's regular columns of “Gaon Majlis", on the pages of the Prajatantra, speak volumes of his clear conscience through which he was vehemently criticising the rampant corruption and malpractices of the system. He forcefully voiced the demands and grievances of the needy and the downtrodden. At times people used to read The Prajatantra first for Dr. Mehtab's lively column “Gaon Majlis." it was quite scholarly and one of the compilations of this “Gaon Majlis“ won a Kendriya Sahitya Akademi award for its unique contribution and the socio-political impact on the masses. The language as well as the theme and message of this column were very simple and persuasive. His style of presenting complex problems in simple and lucid language has remained unimitable sans peer. Generations of writers were and are associated with The Praiatantra, The Jhankar, The Meenabazar and The Eastern Times. These newspapers and journals virtually serve as training grounds and workshops for the writers.

There was hardly any writer during these six decades who did not write for these publications. The Jhankar is synonymous with modern Oriya literature. All eminent literatures of the state have been associated with this journal in some way or the other. Dr. Mahtab brought it out on the most auspicious day of Bisuv Sankranti with a view to spread the post-independence literature among the intellectual masses. The Jhankar plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of our literature and culture. A three-day long literary congregation, concluding on the day of the Maha Bisuv Sanskranti, the day The Jhankar was brought out, is held every year. This literary congregation is the first of its kind not only in Orissa, but in India too and considered as uniqugin the Orissan literary landscape. It is held to create a horizon for higher discusions and deliberations and to give due encouragement to the men of letters who are devoutly committed to their art.Bisuv Milan is one of the great contributions of The Prajatantra Prachar Samity to the cultural life of our nation. The annual literary meet has become a movement and has gathered momentum of its own. Today it is being celebrated throughout the state and outside, among the people devoted to Oriya culture and literature. Yet Bisuv Milan, here at Cuttack has a charm of its own for not only having the largest congregation of litterateurs in the state but also it provides a scope for exchanging their views and they interact with eminent litterateurs who come from various parts of the state and abroad.Since the year 1950 eminent literateurs and learned scholars from far and near have been gracing the Bisuv Milan celebrations. Litterateurs are awarded prizes on the Bisuv Mandap in the convocation function, held on the Bisuv Sankranti Day. An encouraging the significant feature of the Foundation Day function of the Prajatantra is that students securing Top Ten positions in the Annual High School Certificate Examinations, conducted by the Board of Secondary Education,Orissa, are awarded and honoured by Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab Foundation. Their parents are also honoured on this occasion. The phenomenon of honouring the meritorious students continuing since 1989, is the first of its kind in the state.The Prajatantra Prachar Samity has also instituted awards to honour its Best Journalist and Best Agent of the Year on its Foundation Day function. Seniormost employees of various sections of the Samity are also felicitated by the organisation on this occasion which is undoubtedly a matter of pride and honour.